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Preschool Classes

The most impressionable years of a child's life are their preschool years.  Developing a love for dance when they are young is critical in their continued love for the arts through the rest of their life!  Not only will they gain confidence and independence through dance classes, they will also learn spacial awareness, taking turns, listening, and respect along with the health benefits associated with dance.  Heinz Academy for the Performing Arts prides ourselves on creating a fun and inviting environment for those involved in our preschool classes by encouraging creativity and individualism. 


Recreational Classes

Heinz Academy has many options available for dancers enrolled in recreational classes.  Heinz Academy strives to provide a non-competitive, nurturing environment for all students while also providing the highest quality of dance education in the area.  No matter what your dancers interest is, Heinz Academy has just the class for them.


Competition Team

Although the trophies and glory of winning is always nice, these are not the values and beliefs the Heinz Academy Competition Team is built on!  Heinz Academy has always worked hard to create well-rounded, creative, responsible, motivated, and community-oriented dancers and those are the driving forces behind the Competition Team.