Kids Club

Dis-Dance Learning Lab

A Solution for Hybrid or Virtual Schooling And the Working Parent

Registration for k-8 Now Open

Are you a working parent who cannot get any work done while your children are at home 'schooling'?  What is a working parent to do when the schools are not open for you to work in peace? The solution is to give your children the space they need to work in a quiet, socially distanced atmosphere with supervision and, when needed, provide the help that teachers cannot supply virtually.  In addition, since virtual classes are only half day, we will round out the camp with dance and acrobatics.  Read below for more information.

Registration opens to the public on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

*Children must be enrolled in Kindergarten to participate in the program. All students must sign a COVID waiver.

To Register:

1.)  Click here to create your account

2.)  Enroll in the correct location you are interested in - Independence or Cedar Falls

3.)  Pick the specific days a week your child will be attending

4.)  Accounts created without payment information will not be given a spot in the Kids Club


8:00am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday

Start Time Subject to change based on general needs of population.  Heinz Academy does not follow local school calendar as we service 15 different school districts/parochial schools.  Please check postings at the studio and social media posts for studio closures.  Winter and Spring Break Camps will be alternative options during the closed periods.


Each week children will be exposed to the following:

Yoga  *  Stretching  *  Journaling  *  Brain Breaks  *  Wiggle Time  *  Crafting

Music  *  Acting  *  Visual Arts  *  Dance  *  Writing  *  Special Projects


Your child's schedule will be followed to be sure that he/she is taking class on his/her device and any virtual meetings are kept and followed.  Homework and Classwork will be followed up based on your guidance.  Please supply ear buds, headphones, or any personal listening device.

The first priority is homework and education.  Each day, students will learn time management skills when budgeting their time between classes and homework.


Children should wear masks into the building and until they are situated.  While dance, mask wearing is a personal choice.


If you choose for your child to wear their mask all day, please let us know and we will respect your choice and be sure that his/her masks is worn all day.


The Heinz Academy staff is an energetic group of adults who care for your child's physical well-being, education and emotional security.

Heinz Academy staff members undergo thorough training each year.  Crew Members are adults who take safety seriously and commit to isolating to slow the spread.


Each student must have their own transportation to and from Heinz Academy.  Carpools and alternate drivers welcome.

If you're looking for a carpool, please contact the studio with you information.  We will do our best to help each other navigate through this season of our lives.  Need someone else to pick-up?  No problem!  Give us their name and we will check their ID upon arrival.


Please pack a healthy snack and lunch for your child.

A hungry mind is a confused mind.  Be sure to pack fruits and vegetables to keep your child super sharp while they work on their homework and gather energy for dance classes.  The studio's water fountains are fine for filling up but not for drinking, so just pack a container for water!

No Sugar and No nuts please.


Pre-paid tuition is as follows: (Each student =1 day, i.e. 2 students in one day=2 days)

  • 1-3 days per week per family $45/each per day*

  • 4 days per week per family $40/each per day*

  • 5 days per week per family $35/each per day*

  • Drop-in $50/each per day (Any enrollment made within 1 week of start) No Discounts.

First come, first-served.  The Kids Club is capped per room square footage. Once enrollment has reached its max, no other students may enroll for that particular day.  Refunds are not available for unused days.  Credit is available with one week withdrawal notice. *Days must be chosen more than 1 week ahead.


Due to the limited spacing available for this program, at least 7 days notice is required for withdrawal under every circumstance.  If someone in your household becomes afflicted with COVID-19, or thinks they may, a credit may be issued with proof of testing and students may not return until all members of household are tested and COVID-free.

Unused tuition will be credited to your account for use until July 2021, including for the Kids Club, regular classes and Heinz Academy Summer Camps.

Registration for k-8 Now Open