• Jackie Heinz

8 Things You Should Be Doing In Every Dance Class

Great dancers know that talent only gets you so far when you’re learning how to dance. No matter your dance experience, you’re sure to get to the next level by doing all eight of these things each and every time you’re on the dance floor—from dressing the part to focusing on your goals:

1. Show Up

We totally get it; there are just some days where you’d love nothing more than to curl up on the couch and watch movies and nosh on comfort food, but there are rarely any good excuses for missing a dance class. And be sure to arrive early. Not on time. Early.

2. Make Eye Contact Looking someone in the eyes will improve the relationship you have with them, whether it’s your teacher or fellow students. Plus, dance is about expression!

3. Dress the Part

There are plenty of ways to save money on dancewear (like bargain shopping!) and meet the class dress code. Not only does wearing the right attire make you feel more like a dancer, but it will improve your dancing.

4. Follow the Rules Dance etiquette guidelines and your dance studio’s policies are there for a reason (aka turn off your cell phone and be courteous and respectful to your fellow dancers!).

5. Soak It Up Pay attention to the language and terminology your teacher uses, the details of each demonstration, the way movement looks and feels. The best dancers absorb it all like big, thirsty sponges.

6. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to excel, you’ve got to stop focusing on what you already do well and place yourself in situations where you might not be the best in the class. Struggling through challenges is how you’ll grow.

7. Focus On a Goal Dancers who put in the hours are always more successful than those who don’t, but just repeating skills over and over isn’t enough. During your warm-up, set goals for yourself, focusing on specific things you’ll work on that day.

8. Have FUN! Movement is life and dance is just a kicked-up form of everyday movement … so have fun while you’re bustin’ a move!

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