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Heinz Academy Policies


School Premises Only positive and kind people are welcome in the school.  The space is to be kept clean and attractive.  Gum, candy, food, beverages, and soliciting are not permitted in the buildings.  Water in spill proof plastic containers is allowed in the studio, if needed.  Only dance shoes are allowed on the dance floor.  In order to maintain an optimal learning environment, guests and guardians are not allowed to stay in the building during classes.   Parents are welcome in the entrance areas before and after class to pick up their children. Guardians and guests are invited to attend special Observation Days the first week of October and April.


Proper Dance Attire It is essential that correct dance attire be worn in class at all times permitting correct assessment of movements. Adults may wear comfortable form fitting attire.  Students under 18 must abide by the dress code by wearing a leotard for all classes at all times.  Jazz pants are allowed only in jazz classes and ballet skirts are allowed only in ballet classes.  Capoeira students are required to wear white pants with a school t-shirt.  Hair must be pulled back and no jewelry is allowed for safety purposes.  Pink ballet slippers are to be worn in ballet class, black jazz shoes are to be worn in jazz, pom-pom, hip-hop and lyrical class and black tap shoes are to be worn in tap class.   Heinz Academy does carry all basic supplies in stock.  Upon registration, students will be provided with a school shirt to be worn to all Heinz Academy events during the year that do not require the performance costume to be worn (ex: parades, fundraisers, etc.)


Make-Up Lessons and Inclement Weather If arranged three days in advance, makeup lessons are available in a similar group class within 30 days of missed class (es) due to illness and winter weather cancellation. All weather-related cancellations will send out via e-mail and notice will be posted at  Refer to our website for details concerning winter break, spring break, and holidays. Monthly tuition will not be prorated irrespective of how many lesson days there are per month.


Correspondence All issues regarding business activities, such as scheduling, tuition, personal concerns, etc. must be addressed to the director by phone, e-mail or in person during office hours.  The director is the only staff members that have the authority to address these circumstances.  Please do not give tuition payments, messages, or special requests to the instructors.  Instructors are compensated only for their responsibilities of instructing the class, not for administrative duties.  It is inappropriate to call, mail, email or Facebook staff at their personal contacts for any reason.


Tuition Payment Enrollment is based on a first-registered first-served basis.  Tuition collection is via monthly automatic withdraw from checking account or automatic payment via credit card.  MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Participants are charged for the time scheduled even when absent. If youth are left unattended, dropped off early or picked up late a fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes will be charged to your account. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable or transferable; there are no exchanges, refunds or returns on any merchandise or services. Returned checks/payments are subject to a $25.00 service charge. All tuition payments not received or properly funded by the 5th of each month will be charged a $10.00 late fee.  The monthly automatic payments can be stopped by completing a withdraw form 30 days in advance of the last day of attended class.  A student will be considered enrolled and accounts will be charged as such until a withdraw form is completed and received by our office.  All costume fees will automatically be billed August 29tht.  Students will be measured in class and costumes will be delivered mid-November.  All tuition payments will be processed on the 29th of each month for the upcoming month.


Private Music And Dance Lessons Private music and dance lessons are scheduled by appointment through the director. Lessons are booked and paid for a minimum of one month in advance.   Lessons cannot be changed once scheduled and will remain at the same time for the remainder of the calendar year.  Tuition is due regardless of attendance to compensate for staff time, studio space reservation, etc.  Lessons can only be rescheduled if a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is given of your intended absence.  There will be a choreography fee applied to all lessons working on routines outside of regular group classes.  This fee will be no less than $100 and could be as much as $500 depending on the length and complexity of the routine.


Procedure for Withdrawing from a Class To drop or cancel a class, a withdraw form must be filled out in person at any Heinz Academy location during business hours, and a minimum of 30 days prior to the last time the participant will be attending class.  The participant is considered “enrolled” until notice of cancellation is received, and will be billed accordingly.  Only those in auto payment can cancel without incurring a fee.  Full tuition payments cannot be canceled, exchanged or refunded for any reason.  The spot reserved for your enrollment is held for you until proper withdraw procedures are completed and you will be charged accordingly.

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