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Heinz Academy Competition Team

Although the trophies and glory of winning is always nice, these are not the values and beliefs the Heinz Academy Competition Team is built on!  Heinz Academy has always worked hard to create well-rounded, creative, responsible, motivated, and community oriented dancers and those are the driving forces behind the Competition Team.  Team members will:
  1. Build teamwork between all fellow dancers
  2. Improve their dance and performance skills
  3. Acquire accountability and responsibility as a team member
  4. Build self-confidence
Team members will work together, perform together, learn together and grow together!!!
Team members will be held to very high expectations when it comes to behavior and dedication to the team.  All team members will show support and encouragement to all teammates.  The main objective of the Heinz Academy Competition Team is the continued growth and development of each dancer on the team.  Heinz Academy strives to help each team member achieve their own personal goals, while also creative a cohesive, supportive and driven team.  Coming home with a trophy is not the objective of this team…but coming home a better dancer than what we left, is!!

If you are interested in being a part of the Heinz Academy Competitive Team, please email us regarding your interest.
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