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Preschool Classes

The most impressionable years of a child's life are their preschool years.  Developing a love for dance when they are young is critical in their continued love for the arts through the rest of their life!  Not only will they gain confidence and independence through dance classes, they will also learn spatial awareness, taking turns, listening, and respect along with the health benefits associated with dance.  Heinz Academy for the Performing Arts prides ourselves on creating a fun and inviting environment for those involved in our preschool classes by encouraging creativity and individualism.


Bouncing Babies

  • Ages:  18 to 30 months
  • Participant must be accompanied by one adult

This 45-minute class is a combination of dance, exercise, singing and bonding time with your baby. Each class will be themed to expose your dancer to all styles of music and culture. Watch your babies senses develop as we progress through this upbeat, creative class.

Tiny Groovers

  • Ages:  3 to 4 years

This 30-minute class is the first solo class for young dancers.  They will work on locomotors, balance, coordination, rhythm and social skills in a play-style setting.  Dancers will work with manipulatives such as ribbons, hula-hoops, and beach balls to keep them engaged and learning.

Head over to our Dress Code page to see what your dancer needs for class!!


Twinkle Stars

  • Ages:  5 to 6 years

This 45-minute class is the first introduction to a structured dance class.  Dancers begin building structure into their class by adding ballet barre and learning steps and progressions across the floor and in center.  This class also introduces tap dance technique, where participants learn beginning vocabulary and steps associated with tap


Head over to our Dress Code page to see what your dancer needs for class!!

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